Corpus Christi Police Officers were dispatched to Home Depot on the 5400 block of S.P.I.D. in reference to a theft that occurred Friday. The call said that some people were loading items into a tan Jeep.

Officers arrived and saw the Jeep attempting to leave the parking lot. Police stopped the vehicle and talked with the occupants.After questioning, officers detained 34-year-old Paul Acovio Jr. and 26 year old Johanna Ashley Ramirez.

Officers contacted a loss prevention officer with Home Depot who said the two suspects were seen going through the store selecting items and hiding them under a blanket. The loss prevention officer also told police that the suspects went to the vehicle and put the items in the back seat and hid them under another blanket. Officers found a blanket in the back seat of the Jeep with items wrapped inside.

When officers investigated the multiple items hidden in blanket and saw that several items still had the security wiring on them. The total cost of all the items was$1295.00. Ironically, the suspected thieves were stealing home security equipment. The stolen property was returned to the business.

Police arrested Acovio and Ramirez for theft. Acovio was charged with felony theft because of previous theft charges. The Jeep was impounded and both suspects were transported to the City Detention Center.