A key piece of evidence in a recent murder may have been discovered Wednesday morning when a gun was found at the Corban Town Homes, not far from Del Mar College.

Crime analysts are now looking at that handgun to see if it can be tied to a murder that happened there Sunday morning.

Forensics teams went out to the public housing project Wednesday morning and took the weapon to a lab to see if it matches the gun used in the shooting.

It was early Sunday morning when Hector Marin was shot once in the chest. Police said Marin was dead at the scene, but he was later revived by paramedics. He eventually died in the hospital.

Witnesses at the time said they saw two men leaving the scene of the shooting. Investigators did speak with two men who were found in the area, but that did not produce an arrest in this case. So the discovery of the gun could prove to be the break in the case investigators were hoping to see.

"Finding a weapon that could possibly be involved in the homicide is a huge case," said Captain Michael Alanis of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "Could be a huge link in finding who may have either had the weapon or fired that weapon. Now there may be fingerprints that are on there. We've also got to check those fingerprints to see if we have that person's fingerprints on file."

The weapon found at the housing complex will be fired, and then the bullet will be matched up against the bullet that killed Marin. It will also be checked against other murders and drive-bys where a weapon was never discovered.

Also, any fingerprints found will be compared with others on police files.

Police are asking for your help in solving the case, and they still welcome any tips you might have. Just call Crime Stoppers at 361-888-8477.