Corpus Christi police were dispatched Monday night to reports of an assault taking place in the 13000 block of Topsail Street.

When officers arrived, they observed a female in the driveway crying and pointing at the front door. Inside of the home, officers saw a male holding another woman down on the floor of the living room.

Police separated the two family members and detained the 41-year-old female who was being held to the ground. Her father said they were arguing about a recent incident when she pushed and slapped him a couple of times. The father got away and saw the suspect grab a lamp, smashing it to the ground.

The suspect's 39-year-old sister saw what was happening and tried to take the suspect's daughter out of the room. That's when the suspect shoved her sister and began assaulting her father again. The sister tried to separate the two, but was pushed to the ground. That's when they held the suspect down until police arrived.

Police arrested the suspect, 41-year-old Mandy Marie Hebert, for assault family violence. She was transported to Christus Spohn Memorial Hospital for cuts she sustained to her lip while being held down. She was cleared and transported to the City Detention Center.