There is now a custody battle underway between the grandparents of those little girls discovered to have been living on the beach with their parents and suffering from malnutrition.

Their parents, Ryan and Heather Sanders, ended up in jail, accused of not properly feeding and caring for their kids.

The girls' paternal grandmother, Beth Davis, has been in town helping to care for them while they stay at the hospital. Child Protective Services asked Judge Brent Chesney Thursday morning to give her sole custody of the kids.

"I'm happy with the way things turned out," Davis said. "I'm very thankful and appreciate what Judge Chesney has done, and I thank Dr. Harper. She's been wonderful with the children, and that's all I have to say."

Davis did not get sole custody. Instead, the state and Davis will continue to have joint custody of the four girls.

Judge Chesney ordered that a request be made for a thorough home visit by child welfare experts at her home in South Carolina. He also wanted the same done in Virginia Beach, where Charles Hashek lives.

Hashek is the maternal grandfather of the girls, and he told the court Thursday that he wants the children. He's retired military, and told the judge that he has a large home and would be able to get the children on his insurance plan.

However, the grandmother has the inside track on getting the kids because she has bonded with them, while Hashek is said to have not seen them for at least three years.

By Monday, the Sanders girls are all expected to be released from the hospital. They will be staying with their grandmother at the Ronald McDonald House until the custody issue is decided.