In less than a week, nine Del Mar College nursing students who say they were unfairly denied the right to graduate, will present their case to a judge. On Wednesday, they staged a protest.

More than a dozen nursing students chanted "We will fight till you make it all right." The protest happened in front of the nursing school at Del Mar College's west campus. Nine nursing students are alleging breach of contract and fraud.

"They're saying that I failed the Predictor 2 exam. That exam is not on the syllabus. It's not a part of our grade," nursing student Brooke Stewart Bivens said. "The two exams that can accurately predict that you will or will not probably pass the NCLEX were the diagnostic exam and the readiness exam, and I passed both of those exams. I have over a 98-percent of passing the NCLEX."

In response to the protests, Administration Vice President Lee Sloan read from a prepared statement.

"The former students suing the college were dismissed from the program after they failed a comprehensive exam that required to successfully complete the program in accordance with college policy," the statement said.

Sloan said each of the students were given a chance to appeal their failing grades, but the grades were upheld.