Spring is just about here, and for many students, that means a field trip is in the works.

While some schools may take their students to places like San Antonio for the day, others are having to settle for local attractions.

District officials said the cost of funding field trips continues to go up. Right now, the Corpus Christi Independent School District spends about $240,000 to send students on these educational ventures.

The district pays to send students from Pre-K to eighth grade on field trips each year, but they are only for local attractions. Those include places like the Texas State Aquarium and the Science and Art museums.

If a campus wants to go out of town, someone else will have to foot the bill.

One example is at Windsor Park, where first graders will be going to the San Antonio Zoo in April; a trip that was paid for by a walkathon event. Those fundraisers are sometimes planned out a year in advance so that arrangements can be worked out.

"Campuses often add different venues if their PTAs have raised monies or their clubs or organizations have funds to do so, and some of those field trips may be out of town, but the district field trips are ones that are around the city," said Dr. Janis Jordan, assistant superintendent of the CCISD.

"We do rely on fundraisers. Oftentimes we might not make enough to be able to allow our students to go on these field trips, and so it is tough because, again, our population, they usually stay here in the area," said Charlotte Murray, assistant principal of Menger Elementary. "They don't get to travel to see the Capitol, or to see the different historical places, especially in history."

Students at Menger won't be going out of town for a field trip this spring, but the kids did get to go to hotspots like the planetarium and the Texas State Aquarium.

The best advice for parents wanting to see their student heading to the State Capitol for a field trip is to organize a fundraiser of some kind to pay for it. The time to do that is now so that next year, they'll be able to experience what other students are able to see and do.