A pharmacist at Driscoll Children's Hospital told police Wednesday that he sexually molested a five-year old relative.

Beau James Baker, 29, reportedly brought the child to work to be examined. According to documents submitted during his court appearance on Wednesday, Baker walked into the hospital after 10 p.m. Tuesday with two children, both of them a family members.

It was then that he reportedly admitted to a doctor on duty that he had sexually assaulted the five-year old.

In handcuffs, Baker appeared before the 319th District Court Judge Tom Greenwell. It was his first official court appearance to establish pre-trial conditions of release, rules that he must abide by should he post the $50,000 bond.

Baker has been in jail since being arrested Tuesday night at Driscoll Children's Hospital. He was questioned by two Corpus Christi Police Department detectives, and according to court documents, Baker confessed to having sexually assaulted the five-year old girl.

While in court, Baker was given a list of things he cannot do while on bond, including not being around children, not leaving the county and that he must wear a GPS monitor.

"It is important that you comply with all of these conditions," Greenwell said. "If you violate any of these conditions prior to this case being resolved, you may then be held in custody without bond pending resolution."

When contacted about the case, officials at Driscoll Children's Hospitals stated that, "If there are incidents involving our employees and outside authorities, it is not appropriate for us to discuss."