For the first time since 2009, Premont Independent School District's high school has met State standards; but the elementary school did not pass.

The district has struggled with accountability scores for years and was almost shut down by the State several times, but they partnered with Texas A&M University-Kingsville to get the schools back on track.

The high school received two academic distinctions -- one in student progress and the other in post secondary success. The elementary student scores are the concern now.

"Actually they went backwards," Superintendent Steve VanMatre said. "Last year they met standards, this year they didn't. There was a ton of circumstances that we could talk about for hours, but the bottom line is we didn't meet our goal. But we are this year. There's no question about it."

VanMatre said the whole elementary format has been changed up, including the name. The school is now Premont Early Academy. The secondary school is now called Premont Collegiate High School.

The goal is to create a college-ready culture.