In most cases, bringing home a permission slip from school means a field trip or something fun, but students at Three Rivers might be bringing home a new kind of permission slip this school year.

The Three Rivers Independent School District Board of Trustees approved Tuesday a disciplinary policy that would allow paddling in school upon approval by a parent. Students would receive one paddling from a campus behavior coordinator or the school principal for minor incidents like not following classroom rules.

News of the new policy prompted mixed reactions from 3News viewers. Some are completely against corporal punishment while others are all for it, and then there are some who believe parents should handle their children themselves so that the school does not have to.

"Ridiculous," Irma Jane Alvarez commented on Facebook. "Parents leaving the discipline to school esp (sic) if parents probably don't discipline at home. It's humuliating and doesn't do the child justice."

Some cited that they themselves were paddled when they were in school.

"All I can say is I got paddled one time in school. And I never got paddled again after that!" Jaime Puga said on Facebook. "So yes it works! We have a bunch of baby parents these days."

"We were disciplined (spanked) by our parents and at school when I was younger and we turned out fine," Patricia Escamilla posted. "We also learned about respect because we were disciplined by our parent. We have too many kiddos disrespecting administrators, teachers, their parents and adults. I am a firm believer in 'spare the rod, spoil the child' and 'you reap what you sow.' It's like my husband says, 'You create your own monsters, you have to live with them!!! And the schools have to put up with them, too!!!"

Three Rivers ISD is now among 26 other school districts in the region that permit corporal punishment.

Prior to the new disciplinary policy being approved, Three Rivers ISD had a policy in place preventing corporal punishment in their schools. The new policy will take effect at the start of the new school year.

So what if you don't want your child being paddled? Facebook viewer Rhoda Ann Heider Marshall said, "Simple solution! Parents don't sign for it."