Tropical Storm Ingrid may have hit more than 300 miles away, but the storm surge could be felt right here in the Coastal Bend in the form of coastal flooding.

Our 3News Lex Cam, mounted atop the U.S.S. Lexington, showed water pouring into the streets and parking lots along North Beach.

Tides rose all the way up the beach at Bob Hall Pier, past the picnic tables and into the parking lot; but despite the bad conditions, a few people still went out to the beach on Monday. Higher than normal surf had the beachgoers in awe at Mother Nature's force as monster waves crashed into Bob Hall Pier.

"Looked at the surf report. Waves were really high. Good chance to come out," beachgoer Donna Vance said. "He's home schooled. You better grab it."

Vance's son, David, walked along the shore, deciding it wasn't a good idea to test out the raft he was carrying under his arm.

"We also have a surf board in the car," Vance said. "Decided it was too much of an undertow for him to use it."

"The waves are usually not this big in Corpus," local surfer Nathan Floyd said. "Anytime you get something like this, give it a go."

Floyd was one of a handful of surfers who were attracted by all the wave action, despite warnings of dangerous rip currents.

"It's pretty tough out there today. Tons of water moving when there's a storm in the Gulf," Floyd said. "It gets everyone's blood moving. Got to go out there. On my lunch break. Have some fun."

Over at Ellis Seawall, emergency crews were called to check on a man who was knocked out of his kayak and was carried off by the current.

"A couple of guys watching him further out, further out," witness Michael Kelley said. "Didn't see him anymore, but by the time the ambulance got here, he had made it back to shore."

That bystander said the man was lucky he was wearing his life jacket.

Weather experts say that Monday should be the worst day for these conditions, which will hopefully taper off in the next few days. However, they are still sending out a warning to use caution at our local beaches.

As for power outages in the area, American Electric Power reported that just over 1,000 customers lost power at various time Monday afternoon.

At around 3 p.m., during the height of outages, there were officially 1,040 customers in Nueces County without power. At last report, that number had dropped to zero.