Several law enforcement agencies say they found drugs, guns, cash and other items during a raid of three homes in a Jim Wells County neighborhood Tuesday morning.

Kiii News Reporter Anayeli Ruiz went Live from Alice to tell us about the discovery.

Residents on the westside of town woke up to a loud boom as the raid began in the 1500 block of Elvira. Law enforcement officials had three search warrants for three people inside of the homes. The Alice Police Department's SWAT Team, Department of Public Safety and Jim Wells County Sheriff's deputies were all working together in the operation.

Inside of the home, they discovered marijuana plants, cocaine, drug paraphernalia, cash and weapons. In all, eight people were arrested from a total of three homes in the neighborhood. Of those eight individuals, three of them had warrants for their arrest. They were identified as Rene Villagran, Rene Villagran, Jr. and David Villagran.

Police said it's not the family's first encounter with law enforcement.

Also, it was two weeks ago when a homicide was committed in one of the homes that was raided on Tuesday. Police did arrest a suspect and he was charged with murder.

Tuesday morning's raid was part of a three-day operation that took place this weekend, working inside of the city of Alice and mostly targeting the westside. Officers in the area were out in full force for traffic enforcement as they looked for any kinds of violations, including warrants, drugs or DWIs. A total of 42 people were arrested for various charges during the operation.

Alice authorities said they were hoping to make a dent in crime in that community.