One young man always seems to turn heads as he rides his unicycle, and on Saturday, he plans to turn plenty more in order to get people to help out a local homeless shelter.

David Martin is an eighth grader at St. James, and he is going to ride his unicycle down the Bayfront to raise money for Mission 911 on Saturday.

"It helps people in need, and gives people free clothes," Martin said.

He's going to start from Ennis Joslin Saturday morning, and make his way down the Bayfront to the American Bank Center. His fundraising idea came after volunteering with his church for the past two summers at Mission 911. That's about how long he's been riding his unicycle. For this weekend's endeavor, he got the idea from YouTube.

"He never really was looking for some publicity, but if it helps Mission 911, he's willing to do it," his mother, Lula Martin, said.

Martin said he has never ridden his unicycle 15 miles before, but he is going to take a few breaks here and there, and should complete the ride in two hours.

The ride begins 7:30 a.m. Saturday, and Martin is hoping to see some people lining the street to urge him on. He would also like to see a few checks written to help out the shelter to buy new mattresses and hire a part-time dental hygienist.