An elderly woman said she is glad to be alive after being attacked in the front yard of her own home by a neighbor's pit bull Friday.

It happened around noon at a home in the 2600 block of Sacky Street. The woman, Ophelia Reyna, was checking her mailbox when she was attacked. Her wound left a trial behind as she fled from the dog, screaming to a neighbor who tried to help.

That neighbor was also threatened by the dog before it went after an unidentified passing pedestrian.

"She came out to put some mail in her mailbox when the dog just came out of nowhere and attacked her. I was in my apartment and I heard somebody screaming and screaming, and I remembered, 'Hey, that's Miss Reyna,'" neighbor Ermelinda Maldonado said. "So I ran over here and the dog was still after her, and we walked to the back. I told her to stay in the back. Then the dog came after me."

Animal Control officers then discovered the dog hiding in the owner's house, and were able to get him under control to be taken away. Officers said the dog's owner faces several citations and charges.

"He's going to be free of restraint and then public nuisance, and of course anything that might have been perceived as interference with our investigation, and we go from there," Animal Control Officer Will Rhodes said.

Rhodes said Animal Control officers have to see a dog loose before they can take the animal away. The dog will be put in quarantine for 10 days to be checked for rabies before a final determination on what to do is made.

Reyna declined treatment at the scene and was told to get medical attention for deep puncture wounds on her leg.