All eyes are on the weather as City officials, emergency services and Texas Department of Transportation crews prepare to act in case bridges and overpasses become too dangerous to drive on overnight.

The Emergency Operation Center will be activated around midnight Wednesday. Their top concerns are the Harbor Bridge and the JFK Causeway, which are generally the first to freeze in the event of winter weather.

The Emergency Operation Center is where officials from TxDOT, the Department of Public Safety, the Corpus Christi Police Department and city operations staff meet up to keep an eye on what's happening. They said for this latest bout of possible winter weather, police officers will be deployed throughout the city to monitor driving conditions. It will be up to the them to make the call as to whether pr not bridges will be closed.

"Basically we are going over scenarios," Emergency Management Coordinator Billy Delgado said. "You always plan time frame on the event and then we coordinate plans with everybody, so we're in good communication with the City, County and all the other agencies."

TxDOT has already placed barriers off to the side of the expected trouble spots, like the JFK Causeway and Harbor Bridge, so when they get the signal they can put them out as soon as possible.

For the latest on closures overnight, emergency officials say the best way to stay alerted is through social media and the news. Of course, 3News will post updates on our Facebook page throughout the night.