A family lost everything they owned when their house went up in flames Tuesday in rural Aransas County. They are now in awe at the outpouring of help from the community.

"And I don't know what to do. We don't have insurance," said Veronica Martinez, a victim in the house fire, on Tuesday. "I don't know what we're going to do."

A day after the blaze, the mood was quite different for the Martinez family.

"I couldn't imagine all the love that's out there," Martinez said.

Martinez was with her daughter Dakota and Dakota's fiance, Zack Richard, at Spohn South visiting their newborn, Thomas Blaise Richard, who made his video debut on 3News.

Little Thomas Blaise arrived prematurely on Saturday, and has been in the hospital since. Had that not happened, the family believes the outcome of the fire could have been much different.

"If Tommy hadn't been born a little, just bit earlier, my life, I could have perished," Dakota Martinez said.

It took only minutes for the midday fire, which happened on the 1100 block of Mack Road in Aransas Pass, to destroy what took the family a lifetime to build. Still, they remain optimistic. The outpouring of generosity gives them hope.

"It's coming from everywhere," Veronica Martinez said. "It's amazing."

Kim Hoffstatter, owner of Team Satellite in Rockport, set up a drop-off point to collect donations, and they are pouring in.

"Friends of friends told me about this, and I happen to be moving today," Rockport resident Elizabeth Klontz said. "And I'm just going through and getting out plates and cups."

"There's people out there that need help, you know," Rockport resident Joe Gutierrez said. "In situations like this, you put yourself in their shoes. If it were to happen to us, we would appreciate everyone trying to help us out also."

In the meantime, the Martinez family is without a home. Staying a few days with relatives is the best they can do for now. They are praying for temporary housing until they can rebuild.