Wally Amos, the founder of Famous Amos Cookies, is a giant in the cookie business, and he spent Wednesday here in Corpus Christi.

Amos was at Zavala Special Emphasis School Wednesday morning reading to the students. He was in town to speak at the Westside Business Association awards banquet, but said that any time he is in a new city, he likes to take time out and read to the youngest members of the community.

"I love reading aloud to children, so whenever I go into a city to do some work, or do a speech or something, I always ask, if I have free time, is there a school I can go and read to?," Amos said. "Because reading to children is the best thing going, and it is the best way to get children interested in books and reading."

What's Amos' favorite book to read to the kids? Turns out it is Dr. Seuss' Green Eggs and Ham.