There was no shortage of people at the Salvation Army Tuesday morning looking to cool off for the summer.

A large crowd of people were patiently waiting for their name to be called by officials there. Everyone with an ID and their electric bill in hand were able to get a new fan.

KIII-TV3 along with the Salvation Army team up every year for the Fans for Friends drive. Companies like Amigos Equipment and Holt-Cat came through this year with big donations. The Salvation Army is stocked full with the cooling devices and will be handing them out on Wednesday and Thursday.

"I do put it to good use, because I do need it. You know everything is so expensive and especially with electricity and all that and a fan just tries to keep us cool," Juanita Villarreal said.

"Pretty smooth so far, we try to make it as smooth as we can. Like I said, no one is going to walk out of here without a fan," said Valentin Garcia with the Salvation Army.

The fan give away will continue on Wednesday and Thursday, then start up again next Tuesday through Thursday.

Thanks to your generous donations, some 1,000 fans will end up in the hands of our friends out there.