Investigators took a closer look Tuesday, at a warehouse on the city's northside that was destroyed by a fire over the weekend.

Parts of the warehouse were still smoldering, even after two days since the massive blaze. The structure, one of several owned by a San Antonio-based company that makes restraint cables for the oilfield, went up in flames Sunday afternoon.

Tuesday was the first time investigators could truly get in there and get a good look at the fire's point of origin.

"We're looking at an area in the forward part of the building, based on reports of the burn patterns, and we'll put all that together and try and recreate, you know, reconstruct the scene as it was prior to the fire," said Assistant Fire Chief Andy Cardiel of the Corpus Christi Fire Department. "That will give us an idea of what might have been in the place that might have contributed to the fire."

Investigators said it will probably be a few days before they get a good idea of what might have happened.