Corpus Christi Fire Union members are unhappy with the fire chief, and now they say they are looking to have a survey completed to back up their concerns.

Fire Union President Carlos Torres said that union members called a special meeting on Thursday to talk about the issues they have with the chief. They said the issues include the number of firefighters along with the ambulances and fire trucks that it takes to do their job.

"They wanted to discuss and possibly take some action on the fire chief of the Corpus Christi Fire Department," Torres said.

The union hopes to have that survey completed in a few weeks by a third party. It will take a look at the department from top to bottom.

Corpus Christi Fire Department Chief Robert Rocha said he was surprised to hear about the union's meeting. He said he met with leaders of the union on Wednesday and the union never raised any criticism toward him or his management.

Rocha said that his department has excellent relations with citizens of Corpus Christi, but added that many staffing issues have been longstanding over the years and cannot be solved overnight. He also said he has an open-door policy with his firefighters and is ready to sit with any union member and discuss any issues and problems.