A massive house fire that started nearly two days ago continued to be monitored Monday. The blaze broke out around 9 p.m. Saturday in Lake City, near Mathis.

Flames shot nearly 50-feet high, according to volunteer firefighters at the scene. They believe the fire started underneath the kitchen area of what was a two-story home. Hot spots continued to flare up at the home on Monday.

"It had a double floor on the bottom and it keeps starting up on the bottom floor, so that's where the problem is," volunteer firefighter Alan Tiemann said.

The hot spot problem is being closely monitored. Since Saturday, volunteer firefighters have stopped by four times to make sure the fire that consumed the home does not ignite again.

Among the losses from the fire were four jet skis and a vehicle, but thankfully everyone walked away uninjured.

Firefighters said that since it had rained last week, the grass all around was still wet and green, helping to keep the fire from spreading any faster. As far the cause of the blaze, a state investigator is expected to survey the area on Tuesday.