Avid shark fisherman, Albert Zertuche hooked a 12 foot 3 inch Tiger Shark near Bob Hall Pier on Sunday.

It's the second largest Tiger Shark he's reeled in. Zertuche is part of a catch, tag, and release program with the Harte Institute. He tags each shark he catches with a GPS tracking device before releasing them back into the water. On Sunday, something strange happened. The Tiger Shark, which was pregnant washed ashore about an hour later. After relentlessly trying to push her back into the water, she died.

Amazingly, her pups survived. She had given birth while Zertuche and his crew were trying to save her.

This would've been the 16th Tiger Shark Zertuche has tagged and returned to the water near Bob Hall Pier. A frightening thought to some, but the chances of encountering a set of jaws this size is unlikely.

Texas Parks and Wildlife reports only 34 attacks since 1911. Two were fatal.

Last summer, Zertuche shattered a previous record when he hooked a 12' 6" Tiger Shark. He expects this one will be one for the record books too.