An afternoon of fishing turned frightening for a couple of fishermen Thursday after they discovered the body of a man floating in the Nueces River at Labonte Park.

"He appears to be in his mid- to late-30s," said Captain David Blackmon of the Corpus Christi Police Department. "Like I said, it's kind of hard to tell. It looks like he has been in the water for at least a couple of days."

The body was found just before 1 p.m. Shortly after, the CCPD was called out to secure the scene as the Annaville Fire Department pulled the body out of the water. Once it was determined that nothing seemed out of the ordinary or suspicious, the body was transported to the Nueces County Medical Examiner's Office.

"At this time, it appears to be natural. There's no sign to us of any foul play," Blackmon said. "Obviously, we are going to continue to investigate it to rule out any potential of foul play."

Investigators are currently going through a list of people that have gone missing in the area. Meanwhile, the Medical Examiner's Office is trying to identify the man.