A Kemp's-Ridley sea turtle who caught a ride on the jet stream across the Atlantic and found herself all the way in Holland is back at home in the Gulf waters.

A big crowd was on hand as Flip, the turtle, was released Friday morning at the Padre Island National Seashore.

Flip was discovered last year, injured and cold-stunned on the shores of Holland. After being nursed back to health, Flip was brought to the ARK in Port Aransas last week, so it could get used to the South Texas water again.

On Friday, Flip made her way back into the Gulf, fitted with a satellite transmitter to show her every move.

"Exactly what we hoped for, that she would take off and go right into the water," said Karen Rifenbury of Sea Life in Grapevine. "Sea Life in Holland did a remarkable job to bring this turtle home to Texas."

So the big question now is, where will Flip go next?

If you would like to follow Flip's journey, you can do so by logging onto www.seaturtle.org.