NEW YORK (Kiii News) - Hurricane Sandy made landfall near Atlantic City, NJ, on Monday, washing away part of the famous boardwalk, leaving thousands of people without power and bringing to a halt everything from the New York subways to the presidential campaigns.

It's a monster storm affecting some 60 million people, many of whom deciding for whatever reason not to heed the early warnings to evacuate.

A former member of our staff at Kiii News, Andrew Whitman, who now anchors a cable news broadcast in the New York City area, talked with us by phone on Monday. He said there is a sense of complacency there, stemming from a storm last year.

"We had a late season storm last year, Hurricane Irene, which was not as severe as originally forecast," Whitman said. "So my fear is that more people will be in harms way. My hope is, that will not be what comes to pass here."