Four young men from Alice died in a fiery crash in Florida at around 5 p.m. Wednesday -- Mark Guerrero, Ovidio Villarreal, Steven Garcia and Arnold Galvan, III.

The young men went to Florida to pick up a truck for a friend. It was supposed to be a birthday gift, and their trip was supposed to be a fun adventure -- a once in a lifetime opportunity.

It was late in the afternoon when the men were heading north on I-10 in Gadsden County. Police said all four were in a Dodge pickup when it veered off the road and hit a large tree head on. The truck immediately caught fire, and all four men were killed in the accident.

The truck was reportedly pulling a flatbed, gooseneck trailer, which had a mounted fuel tank.

Mark Guerrero and Ovidio Villarreal spent a lot of time at Tino's Auto Mart in Alice, and were best friends with the owners, Roy and Victor Garza. The truck that the four young men were picking up from Florida was supposed to be a birthday present for Roy, and Victor was originally supposed to go with them to pick it up.

"We were here barbecuing for my brother's birthday, and Mark and Ovi, we were all here, you know," Victor Garza said. "They just wanted to go, wanted to go, and I said, you know, I would give them, give them the fuel money and give them some money to bring that vehicle back for my brother's birthday."

"I can't believe it," Roy Garza said. "It feels like it's fake. I love them. They were my best friends."

Roy and Victor said they were unaware that Arnold "Bullet" Galvan, III, and Steven Garcia were going on the trip, and guessed that Mark and Ovi must have invited them. They also died in the wreck.