The San Patricio County Sheriff's Office raided four 8-liner game rooms in the county Thursday night, after the owners ignored warnings for operating illegally.

Four workers were arrested, and more than 40 citations were handed out to people playing inside.

"People come here to have a good time, you know," game room patron Paula Flores said. "There is nothing else to do in Aransas Pass but to come and play."

A total of four game rooms were shut down, all stemming from an undercover investigation by the San Patricio County Sheriff's Office.

"They just came in and they said this is a raid," Flores said. "Everyone who is in there, sit in the middle, stop playing y'all's machines."

Two of the game rooms were located in Sinton, along with one in Taft and one in Aransas Pass. A total of four workers were arrested, with 11 suspects still being investigated. Just over 40 people were given citations.

"No, they give us gifts," Flores said when asked if the game rooms make cash payouts. "Perfumes, purses, toilet paper and paper towels."

However, at one of the game rooms, those prizes were found covered in dust. It looked as if they hadn't been touched in weeks.

"We don't come get these places unless they are operating illegally," Chief Deputy Oscar Rivera said. "We know that because we had people working here."

The Sheriff's Office hopes that this sends a message to all game rooms that might still be open.

"If you operate an illegal gambling business in this county, we will arrest you, take your machines and seize the property," Rivera said.

So far, the county has closed down more than nine game rooms this year. In all, 342 machines were confiscated from Thursday night's raids. There has been no word as to how much cash was confiscated, but Sheriff's officials expect it to be several thousands.