While police are still searching for the killer of Patrick Brailey, his friends spoke out on Sunday night.

Brailey, a 2001 graduate of Calallen High School, was shot dead outside of the Smokin' Waves Lounge on Water Street early Saturday morning. His friends say he was shot through the heart as he was talking with his girlfriend.

A number of Brailey's friends visited the Kiii News studios to speak with us about his death. Some were long-time friends, all saying the same thing: that he was someone who got along with everyone. In fact, they said that, if you couldn't get along with Patrick, you couldn't get along with anyone.

"I cried until, oh gosh, until I walked into this newsroom," Amy Menagh said. "My grandmother asked me, 'How can you cry so long for someone that you knew for just months?' I said, 'grandma, I'm crying for all my friends who are hurting, and that's going to take a while because he touched so many people.'"

Brailey was inside the lounge when a big fight broke out. Someone pulled out a gun and fired it off. His friends say he was talking with his girlfriend at the time he was shot, and he was struck in the heart.

"Patrick was just the most awesome guy you could ever meet," Melinda Castillo said. "He lit up a room. If you knew him, you would want to be friends with him. I mean, that's just the way he was. He helped everybody."

Castillo went to school with Patrick. He was also a family friend. She said he didn't deserve to die, and she's sure police will catch his killer. In the meantime, she and the others are getting a fundraiser together to raise money for Patrick's funeral expenses. They plan on holding that event on Dec. 30 at Gators, a bar on SPID near Everhart.

"He was just an individual who just wanted to better himself," Jonathan Lankford said. "He was just a good, sweet person."

Brailey was attending Del Mar's aviation mechanics classes. His friends say he was close to graduating.

"I knew Patrick since I moved to Calallen, and we were best friends, and we were always doing something together in high school and after," said Alex, another of Brailey's friends. "He was like the most popular person in Corpus Christi. He was the connection point."

Along with the fundraiser on Dec. 30, friends and family are also setting up an account at a local bank. They hope to have that in place by Monday, and we will have that information for you then.