A gas line fire explosion just outside of Corpus Christi City limits leaves one person critically injured. A man was working on removing an abandoned pipeline when it exploded, and the man's face was severely burned. It happened across from the harbor bridge at the 600 block of navigation boulevard east.

The Railroad Commission is investigating to find out who owns the abandoned pipeline.

Fire officials got the call five minutes after two o'clock Friday afternoon. Fire officials extinguished the fire 15 minutes later. Officials say the victim was transported to Memorial Hospital. There are several abandoned pipelines in the area where the explosion happened. The pipelines have reportedly been abandoned for 30 to 40 years. The victim was contracted by the Port of Corpus Christi to work on removing the pipelines. Typically these kind of pipelines are used by the refineries to transport many different petro chemicals through them.

Corpus Christi Fire Department Battalion Chief J.D. Johnson told 3 News, "the abandoned pipelines have a residual product in them usually, and part of the process is for them to cut small holes in the pipes and they would vacuum off any of the residual that would drain out of them, and in the process, of that vacuuming is when the explosion occurred."

Another man received an injury to his shoulder, but was not taken to the hospital. The state fire marshal's office will be investigating the incident.