A huge spay and neuter program is now underway at a local no-kill animal shelter, thanks to a couple of grants.

The Cattery, a cage-free shelter is now performing the surgeries for cats living in the 78404 zip code, and dogs that belong to low-income individuals.

The 78404 zip code is primarily a neighborhood near Del Mar College. That is where the City says there is a big stray cat problem. So, the Cattery has decided to go after a couple of grants to help to put a dent in the overpopulation problem.

One grant is from the Coastal Bend Community Foundation, and will offer low-income families the opportunity to spay or neuter their dog for $10. The other grant is from Petsmart, and is looking to fund the spay and neutering of some 800 cats in the 78404 zip code.

"According to Animal Control, this zip code has the highest rate of calls for service for this issue, and we'll let you start there," said Scott Person of the Cattery. "And if we do well with that, then maybe we can talk about expanding that type of grant."

The surgeries won't actually be performed at the Cattery, and you don't even have to drive there to sign up. The organization has a mobile surgical unit it will have out in the neighborhood.

You can call the Cattery at 361-854-6369 for more information on times and places for that mobile spay and neutering clinic.