Habitat for Humanity has built more than 600,000 homes world-wide.

The Corpus Christi chapter has broke ground on their 48th home, and is about to finish its 46th house.

Future homeowner Maria Martinez has put in more than 500 hours towards her home and the non-profit. Habitat for Humanity does not believe in handouts, but a hand up.

Once a family qualifies for the program, they are required to put in 300 hours of volunteer work toward the organization, and the family has to pay the mortgage of the home.

Martinez says she is thankful for the opportunity. Her 12 year old grandson is not old enough to physically put in volunteer hours, because a person must be 16 years old to operate power tools.

But he is putting in hours toward the organization by getting "A's" on his report card.

Carolyn Smith the Executive Director of the local chapter says that anytime a child of a Habitat Home gets an "A" on a report card, it counts as 5 hours toward the organization.

Martinez and her grandson will move into their new home when it is done either late Spring or early Summer.