(CNN) - The political leader of Hamas says the group is not behind Wednesday's deadly bus bomb in Tel Aviv, but he did say he believed the bombing was a response to the ongoing violence in Gaza.

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Christiane Amanpour in Cairo, Egypt, Khaled Meshaal spoke about the prospects for a cease-fire in Gaza and detailed Hamas' mindset as it continues to exchange rocket fire with Israel.

Hamas is considered a terrorist group by both Israel and the United States.

Amanpour: There has been a terrible attack inside Israel today, in Tel Aviv. The first of these kinds of attacks in six years. A bomb on a bus, and there have been many casualties. Does Hamas claim responsibility? Did Hamas do that?

Meshaal: This question must be addressed to Netanyahu (referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu).

Amanpour: No, no, I'm asking you. Did Hamas claim responsibility? Did Hamas do that?

Meshaal: Not Hamas, not others, not other people from, not Hamas. No one can announce except those who committed, not me. The lesson is what matters. What led to this, my sister? Who created the circumstances that led to this operations? It is Netanyahu with his crimes, in killing the kids of Gaza, and the continuity of aggression.

He create such ramifications everywhere. This could lead to any kind of reaction as retaliation for what happened in Gaza.

CNN is transcribing the complete interview, which will be available shortly.