There are those who swear that the U.S.S. Lexington, AKA the Blue Ghost, is haunted by its crew members from long ago.

This month, visitors are almost certain to see some downright creepy things going on there. The World War II aircraft carrier has been transformed into haunted house, and it's for a good cause.

Haunted houses have shown up in our neighborhoods and business districts, but this may be the first time a haunted house has turned up on an aircraft carrier.

King High School Students were invited to check out the haunted house on the Lexington Thursday.

It is all the brainchild of Jose Arrisola. For the past few years, he has turned his own home into a haunted house. He and the folks over at the Lexington thought it was finally time to put the show on the water, aboard a ship that is already a haven for ghosts.

"Every year it got bigger and bigger, and last year you guys came over, Channel 3, and did an interview, and Channel 3, Mr. Joe Gazin himself, named us the largest haunted house in the city of Corpus Christi," Arrisola said. "So I took that with pride. So because of that, the Lexington saw it and we got together."

The haunted house is for children over the age of six, and you have to be able to walk up and down steps and of course run when you have to. It will take about 20 minutes to get through all the cobwebs and creatures.

The King High School students were definitely scared on Thursday.

"This is the first time I've actually ever come to one, so it's really scary," said Maria Castaneda, a scared visitor.

"It's too scary, but this would probably be the place to go if you wanted to get scared," said Samantha Rios. "If not, go somewhere else."

The haunted house on the USS Lexington will be open from 7-11 p.m. Friday and Saturday, and 7-10 p.m. Sunday. It's $15 at the door, and for every ticket sold, $1 will go to the Wounded Warrior Project.

You can, however, find the tickets for $10, but you will have to run into a King High School student or someone at Del Mar College or Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. Some of their students will be selling them as part of a fundraiser for their schools.