It is becoming an all to familiar story here in the Coastal Bend: illegal immigrants bailing out of vehicles after being involved in a high-speed chase.

Law enforcement from around the Coastal Bend were engaged in another chase of the sort early Tuesday morning. This time, the immigrants bailed out of the vehicle and headed into the Celenese Plant just outside of Bishop.

The chase ended near County Road 4 and Business 77, just outside of Bishop. Precinct 3 constables said that Department of Public Safety troopers were in pursuit of a gray Chevy Silverado that may have had 11 illegal immigrants inside.

After a short chase, the truck ended up near the Celanese Bishop facility, and everyone inside the truck bailed out and fled on foot. Constables said that they then received a call from officials at the plant requesting assistance in clearing out the facility. Constables had to remove the employees from the plants in order to clear out buildings.

"It's an ongoing deal. You know, these people want a better life," Precinct 3 Chief Deputy Margarito Gonzalez said. "We have had several that our precinct has actually been involved with, within the last I'd say month or so. It's a never ending deal."

In all, authorities were able to apprehend four men.