Two homes were swallowed by flames in a major grass fire in Petronilla. Thankfully..the residents weren't home when the fire started...but their neighbors say they lost everything.

It took crews several hours to get the fire under control. It started around 1:00 PM Saturday off of County Road 22.

Investigators say someone was burning trash and caught the grass on fire...strong winds quickly spread the flames. Two houses and a vacant mobile home were destroyed. Twenty to thirty acres of land were charred.

Around the same time, crews battled the blaze near I-37 and Highway 77 for more than an hour before the flames were under control.

The Odem Fire Department was the first to respond, they called in for back-up from surrounding departments. Responders say the strong winds and dry conditions made it difficult to put this fire out.

Crews will remain on scene in case and hot spots flare up again.