Corpus Christi (kiii sports)- A new Daktronics video board in left field will enable fans to watch the 10th season of Hooks baseball in high-definition from more angles, team president Ken Schrom announced Wednesday.

The club also revealed a number of 10th season initiatives.

Installation of the video board is set for the first week of February. At 979 square feet, the largest television in South Texas is coming to Whataburger Field. The Hooks have acquired five new HD cameras and renovated the stadium control room to accommodate new components.

"We're excited about the opportunity to bring a better, more complete in-game experience to our fans," Schrom said. "The ability to see the game in HD quality and from more camera angles will increase the enjoyment from a baseball perspective and on the entertainment side, we'll be able to better engage fans and sponsors."

General manager Michael Wood unveiled the team's new 10th season logo as the first of a number of initiatives to celebrate a decade of Hooks Baseball. The team features a new alternate uniform top; all home games begin at 10 minutes past the hour; and a Hooks 10th anniversary team will be released in April.

"Celebrating our 10th season all summer long is something we think will energize the organization and our fans," Wood said. "On top of the start times and uniforms we have several other ideas in the works that we'll announce as the season unfolds."

New Video Board Facts

  • The video board is 20'7.2" high and 48' wide, totaling 979.2 square feet. It is the equivalent of 79 60" flat-screen TVs or 2,300 iPads. As a point of reference, the old video board was 15'6" high and 20'6" wide, for a total of 317.75 square feet.
  • The new video board is 82 baseballs tall and 192 baseballs wide and approximately 435 feet from home plate.
  • Installation begins the first week in February. The video board will be assembled in South Dakota, driven to Corpus Christi and welded to the existing framework below the Whataburger Field sign.
  • Over 2,500 feet of fiber optic cable will be laid to reach the video board and four cameras from the control room above home plate.
  • The video board consists of nearly 20,000 LED lights, which are 15 millimeters apart. If strung together the lights would consist of 3,800 feet of Christmas lights.
  • With the video board comes five new HD cameras and production room renovation by TSE (Total Sports Entertainment). The new facility allows the Hooks to show replays from four separate camera angles, use a wireless, roving camera to explore the ballpark during games and produce a complete HD experience for fans.

-- Corpus Christi Hooks