A team of more than 50 officers swarm a home in Annaville after hearing that people inside were shot and the gunman was on the loose. But it all turned out to be completely false.

On the scanner it sounded like scenes of a movie. Someone inside the home with a weapon shot people and someone was desperately trying to get help. But, it was all a fake. And residents were scared to see this all unfold in front of their eyes.

Jaime Guerra, a neighbor, says "They just said evacuate the house there is subject in the house across the street from us."

The hostage situation started around one Sunday afternoon. Police received information about a man who shot several people on the 4200 block of Wandering Creek. The reports had said that the man was shooting and had an AK-47 with hostages inside.

The Corpus Christi Police Emergency Response Unit responded with SWAT. Within minutes they had the area surrounded. Nearby residents were evacuated.

Police officers were able to contact the home owners, who were not home at the time of the call. The owners did provide police with the keys to the home and then made entry to make sure no one was inside the home.

After searching the home, police gave the all clear. There was no damage to the house or any injuries.

Police are investigating how the information was provided and also trying to identify who was responsible.

Kirk Stowers, Spokesperson for the Corpus Christi Police Department, says "This is going to be a big bill to the city. A lot of resources, a lot of people called in on their day off to come out. Now the city has to pay for overtime."

"It's best to report it and not turn out anything. That is why we are going to research this," says Stowers.

3 News spoke with the family but they did not want to comment on camera. They did say these were scary moments for them, not knowing what was going on inside the home.

Fortunately, no one was home at the time when this happened. The wife was at work. Her husband was out with the son and the daughter was with the neighbor.

The family says they don't even own a gun. They also say, AT&T got a message from someone saying that their was a hostage situation and the wife had been shot. AT&T then contacted the police department and that is how everything got started.