If you are looking to improve your health while breaking a sweat and feeling energized, spin class may be for you.

However, if you are afraid to sweat, spin is not for you. But if you like to work for your health and get pumped up in the process, stationary bike riding is one way to go.

Bud Behrend is 78 years old. He was not the only senior breaking a sweat at the Corpus Christi Athletic Club's spin class. He said if he can spin, anyone can.

"It's a tough class, but you really feel good about it," Behrend said. "It keeps you young."

An important feature to any spin class is the instructor.

"Cycling is about interval training," Spin Instructor Josie Kudlicki said. "It's about endurance. It's about strength training."

Kudlicki said that every day, she has people trying her spin class for the first time and returning because they like the results. She said routine sessions in spin class can easily lead to burning calories, strengthening the body and gaining energy.

As with any exercise, be sure to consult your doctor or physician first.