Thousands of Coastal Bend residents will be celebrating the Fourth of July by taking part in the annual Big Bang Celebration in downtown Corpus Christi next week. The day is filled with activities for you and the family.

One of the events taking place in the morning is the "Four for the Fourth'" Four-Mile Fun Run.

Not much of a runner?

At just 20-years old, Justin Adame is considered one of the fastest runners in the Coastal Bend.

"I've been running ever since I was in elementary school," Adame said.

Any good runner has a partner to keep them motivated, stay on target with their goals and act as a personal trainer.

"If things aren't going right, or if you feel a little tired today, someone is there to pick you back up," he said.

Adame's wingman, 23-year old Adrian Marquez, is also his teammate in track and field at Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi. Six days a week, Adame, a biomedical science major, and Marquez, who is majoring in health science, run about 8-10 miles; but before they hit the pavement, they stretch.

That includes the leg and shoulders, and then they get the blood flowing. Properly warming up can mean quicker recovery time after a good run.

"There are going to be a couple of sore days," Adame said. "Maybe a couple of weeks where you are going to be sore."

Adame said to continue to stretch afterwards, use ice therapy and massage out the kinks. Also, stay on schedule.

"I like to start my week off on Monday," Marquez said. "I feel like if I don't train on Monday, it kind of tears at my whole week."

Both runners warn to stay out of the South Texas heat. They work out before 7 a.m. or after 7 p.m. A healthy snack before a run includes carbohydrates for fuel and plenty of water.

A good test of your hard work may include entering a competition such as Corpus Christi's "Four for the Fourth" Independence Day Fun Run.

"It's not a matter of what place you take on the Four for the Fourth," Adame said. "It's about just getting out there and enjoying running."

Both collegiate athletes agree: You do not have to train quite like they do. Just get up off the couch and get your body moving.

As always, before you engage in any new physical activity, consult with your doctor first.