A Jim Wells County family found a 59-year old man allegedly murdered in his home after not hearing from him for the past day.

The suspect is a man family members said they have never seen or met before, said to be a homeless man from Corpus Christi.

Family members said 59-year old Melchor Rosas was always trying to help people. Strangers. If he found someone on the side of the road, he would give them a ride. He would even take people in who didn't have a place to stay.

Family members also said they tried to warn Rosas many times about how dangerous doing that was.

"And he always said, 'We don't have money, we don't have nothing, why will they hurt us?'" said his daughter, Anahi Lillich. "He didn't believe in dangerous, he didn't believe in bad, and it's bad out there."

His family discovered him dead inside of his house on County Road 135-3 Wednesday night. They went in to check on him after not hearing from him all day.

Jim Wells County authorities believe 41-year old Luis Nunez killed Rosas by hitting him in the head with a hammer. They said Nunez then took Rosas' car and drove off, but was stopped and arrested by Premont police after they saw him speeding.

Nunez reportedly tried to flee on foot, but did not get away. Jim Wells County authorities said it wasn't until Wednesday night, when the body of Rosas was discovered, that they connected Nunez to the alleged murder.

"They stopped a guy who just committed a murder, not knowing for like 20 hours later, until we finally had the dead body, and we had a call that, you know, there's been a murder," said Captain Brandon Torres of the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department. "We had several dry shoe prints of blood throughout the house, so we were able to contact the jail division, get some photos of the bottom of the shoe of Mr. Nunez, which was a match."

Rosas' daughter and her husband live in a house right next to the trailer where Rosas was found dead, and they said they were home at the time of the alleged murder, but they didn't hear anything suspicious. They did hear the loud muffler of Rosas' car as it drove away, but they didn't think anything of it.

Meanwhile, Nunez, who was stopped by police about a half hour later, is being held in the Jim Wells County Jail on a $1 million bond, and is charged with murder.

According to Jim Wells County authorities, Nunez was a registered sex offender in Harris County, but never registered here after relocating to Corpus Christi. He had reportedly been here for at least several months, according to the Jim Wells County Sheriff's Department.

Nunez had stayed at the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission in Corpus Christi before relocating.

"Luis checked in on July 3, and stayed a little over a month," said Carole Murphrey of the Good Samaritan Rescue Mission. "He checked out in August. I am stunned to hear news like this. He was very quiet. He never gave us a problem at all. We never knew why he left. That is such a scary thought. You know, people who are really kindhearted will take a stranger in, and it's really not safe to do that. That's why you really got to drop them off at a shelter or something. I am horrified at what happened."

Murphrey said a number of those staying in the shelter are brought there by parole officers. She said most are looking for a fresh start.