The 78th annual Nueces County Junior Livestock Show is officially underway in Robstown, and to kick it all off was the traditional cook-off event.

"It's mainly get out here, meet these other barbecuers, which we know a lot of them, and so we have a good time out here, on top of joking with each other and giving each other a hard time," said Jim Gibson of the Limp Briskit BBQ team.

Dozens of cooking teams arrived with their rigs at the Richard Borchard Fairgrounds early Friday morning. They started the process of setting up the pits and all the necessary equipment needed to compete in the big cook-off.

While some included simple pits and firewood, others were more elaborate and detailed; but the bottom line to all the prepping boils down to one thing.

"We support the Junior Livestock Show every year with advance bids, and we'll have two of our dealerships out here, not just one," said Steve Hindman of Allen Samuels Chevrolet.

Everything from brisket to pan de campo is on Friday's menu, and cooking starts in the evening and continues through the night. Judging takes place on Saturday.

Kiii News Meteorologist Alan Holt went Live from the Fairgrounds to tell us how things went Friday night.