In recognition of National Crime Victims' Rights Week and Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Wednesday was dubbed Denim Day. Its message: take a stand against sexual assault.

Staff at the Juvenile Justice Center in Corpus Christi showed up to work Wednesday all wearing denim jeans and t-shirts that said, "Ask me why I'm wearing jeans."

So why jeans?

According to a news release from the District Attorney's Office, one of the major participants in National Crime Victims' Rights Week, a teen girl in Italy was sexually assaulted by her driving instructor back in 1998. The suspect's case was taken to the Supreme Court of Appeals in Rome, and overturned.

The court argued that, because the girl wore very tight jeans, she must have had to help remove them, and therefore was consenting to having sex. The story made headlines worldwide, and the young woman's jeans took on a symbolic meaning -- that what you wear is never an excuse for sexual assault.

A clothing donation box was also in place to benefit the Doctors Regional and Driscoll Children's hospitals. The donation drive is sponsored by the Victim Assistance Program, in conjunction with the Women's Shelter of South Texas, Del Mar College and Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi Fleet and Family Services.

The idea of the clothing drive is to provide clothing for victims of sexual assault, whose clothes are often kept as evidence, leaving them with just scrubs to wear when released from the hospital.