The Kleberg County Sheriff showed off a new patrol fleet on Wednesday.

"They're equipped with two lock-weapon mechanisms. One is for an assault rifle, one is for a shotgun, so it's got all that there," Sheriff Ed Mata said. "The back's got a compartment where you carry all your storage to include first aid equipment, ballistics, anything extra that you might need."

They new Chevy Tahoes come equipped with laptops that allow the officers to run driver's licenses and warrant checks. In the back, there is plenty of room to store equipment. The officers have tactical vests, ballistic shields and helmets, snake boots, contraband detector kits -- all vitally important as they patrol the contraband pipeline corridor of U.S. Highway 77.

"As border security progresses, you start utilizing specific equipment, you know," said Captain J.D. Longoria of the Kleberg County Sheriff's Office. "We got night vision, grant purchased equipment, that they'll store in here. You got med kits, in case he's got to apply some sort of medical attention to either himself or other officers or the community."

The Sheriff's Office said the Tahoes were purchased with 50-percent tax payer money and 50-percent forfeiture money, totaling roughly $400,000, and they used grant money to make the enhancements.