There are lots of ways to deter burglaries at private homes and businesses, particularly with all the recent advances in consumer oriented technology.

Del Mar College Computer Science Instructor David Abarca said that nowadays, web cameras can be easily programmed to help protect property.

"Let's say you have a camera in your living room and you have a sliding glass door out to the patio, Abarca said. "You can actually highlight that area around the sliding glass door so that if anybody appears in that area, it is in fact a motion detector that will detect that there's something happening in that masked area. It will automatically start recording, send that video, send you an email or notification to let you know that one area of your home that you've asked it to monitor has some activity in there."

However, Abarca said that if you are thinking about adding that kind of high-tech security system to your property, you should seek the help of a licensed home security firm.