Millions tune into the NFL every Sunday, but there is nothing like the fire and passion of being inside the stadium.

Up in Houston, the NFL-leading Texans try to provide the best fan experience, both inside and outside Reliant Stadium.

Kiii Sports Reporter Chris Thomasson spent time with the Texans last Sunday, capturing the excitement this year's team has generated inside and outside of Reliant Stadium.

Thousands of fans come from all over the state, including plenty from the Corpus Christi area and surrounding South Texas, to pack the parking lots hours before kickoff.

There's nothing like seeing a daughter's stuffed animal strung up, grown men dressed up, drinking at 10 a.m., or the smell of a boiling pot of chili. For those attending their first game ever, the experience is one to soak in.

"Being in Texans' country is just awesome," said German Rodriguez, a Corpus Christi local who was attending his first Texans game ever. "I'm still trying to take it all in. Just seeing all the other fans. Texans fans are very crazy. I love that."

"I know what it's like at the house to watch a game, so I'm sure it's going to be like a hundred times louder and crazier," said Kendra Woodall, another Corpus Christi local who attended her first ever Texans game.

Inside the stadium, Head Coach Gary Kubiak consulted his chart, and got the fans riled up early by going to the cornerstone of the franchise: Andre Johnson.

The fans know the team thrives off of them, and it is their duty to make things a nightmare for opposing teams, like the Jaguars.

"Inside the game is awesome," said Gregory Richmond, a longtime Texans fan. "We're always rocking, and good fans know to get loud on defense and let Matt Schaub work on offense."

Things looked bleak for the Texans' faithful as the lowly 1-8 jaguars scored at will on Houston, taking a commanding 14-point lead in the fourth quarter, leaving both fans and coaches wondering what happened; but the Texans would not be denied on this day, as the hero Andre Johnson caps off a career day and sends the "deep steel blue" crowd home happy with a game-winning 48-yard touchdown in overtime.

"You know, when you get the opportunity you try to make the best of it," Johnson said. "Actually, when I caught the ball, and I saw how open it was, I was like, 'Where are the defenders at?' I took off running, and I thought the cornerback would come from the outside, but he wasn't there, and it was just the safety, and I said, 'I can't let him tackle me.'"

The comeback victory was a much different outcome than those in Texans-Jaguars games of the past. It had fans setting towards bigger things in the future, and no, not a date with J.J. Watt.

"Might have a chance to go to the Super Bowl this year," said Austin Dale, a Texans fan from Hebbronville. "Never know."

Whether you are watching an overtime thriller in front of 80,000 plus screaming fans, or watching outside with the tailgaters, there is no denying the power of seeing the NFL in action.

The Houston Texans are in Detroit for a Thanksgiving Day game against the Lions.