A local non-profit group called Down Syndrome and Families treated two-year old Carley and her mother a Corpus Christi Clutch game over at Ray High School on Sunday.

The local charity helps families who have children with disabilities like down syndrome get out and enjoy public events that they might not otherwise be able to.

"We always like for her to have joy in her life, and this is another opportunity for her to have joy and excitement," said Carley's mother, Elda Latham. "Good memories."

"We want to get across that it's okay for these down syndrome children to go to public outings, and it's okay for people to talk to them, to be an advocate for them," said Tabetha Zimmerman of Down Syndrome and Families.

Carley got to meet the team and even got a few autographs.

If you would like to find out more about the non-profit, check out their website at www.downsyndromeandfamilies.com.