It was the bad call seen around the world, when a so called touchdown for the Seattle Seahawks during Monday Night Football meant heartbreak for Packers fans.

They said they felt robbed by replacement referees who are in place because of the strike.

On Wednesday, one local Packers fan was voicing his frustrations.

"It's not just devastating for me as a Packers fan. It's devastating for the whole game of football," Packers fan Ernie Loredo said. "As a fan of the game, I hate to see stuff like that happen. Especially Monday night. It was just ridiculous."

Loredo was at the corner of Leopard and McKenzie, holding his one-cheesehead Packers protest. He said 90-percent of the reaction he got from drivers was good, though he did get some boos and jeers from Cowboys and Texans fans.

Loredo said he decided to hold the rally in hopes of getting the real officials back, and while there is no word if his protest was the inspiration, there was news Wednesday night that the NFL and the real officials have come to an agreement.