Whenever the topic shifts to UFOs, you know it is going to generate lots of interest.

That's was what happened on the Kiii News Facebook page on Sunday, after someone posted a story about seeing a disk-shaped object streaking through the sky over Corpus Christi.

It was before 8 a.m. Sunday when a number of people saw something strange in the sky.

"To me it looked like a big, it looked circular, just the shape from what I've seen, and as far as the color, it was kind of like a gray white," said Kevin Canon, who saw the mysterious object in the sky. "It's like nothing I've ever seen before. I was kind of freaked out about it."

Canon said he was walking to work down Gollihar when he noticed the large craft in the sky as he reached the Carroll Lane intersection. He said another driver was also watching in disbelief, and actually stopped and sat through a green light as the craft traveled across the sky, leaving a trail of black smoke behind it.

Some photos were submitted of that supposed trail of smoke, but no craft was caught in the pictures. Still, Canon said there was no doubt that what he saw was not of this world.

"Honestly, I joked with my brother and kind of looked like the, if you've ever seen Independence Day when the UFOs are coming out of the clouds, that's what it kind of looked like," Canon said. "Not to sound all movie produced, but I've never seen anything like that. I mean people joked but there was something there."

Of course, the sighting had our Facebook page abuzz with discussion. Some people joked about the sighting, while others were intrigued by the story and wanted more information.

Corpus Christi police said they had no reports of any unusual sightings. Same goes for the Corpus Christi International Airport and Naval Air Station-Corpus Christi.

Canon said he hopes by going on camera that others will come forward to talk about what they saw, and hopefully someone with an actual picture or video of the disc will come forward.