A 19-year-old man who was shot overnight at the Marbella Apartments on Weber Road died from his injuries, making him this city's 20th homicide this year.

The victim has been identified as 19-year-old Christopher Cavazos. He was shot several times in the chest in the apartment complex parking lot and found by neighbors.

Police are learning more about what happened as they talk to some of the many witnesses standing around overnight, and now neighbors are speaking out.

The shooting happened just before midnight. Police received several calls for shots fired. When they got to the apartment complex they found Cavazos bleeding on the ground. Officers tried to render aid at the scene.

Cavazos later died at the hospital.

After talking to witnesses, police say they believe the shooter left with a group of people. Many witnesses said they saw the group flee the scene. They believe the shooter and Cavazos had a relationship prior to the shooting and that some type of disturbance led to the fatal shots.

According to the Districk Clerk's website, Cavazos has a criminal record himself. He was arrested two times in 2015 for posession of marijuana.

"I heard about 12 gunshots from two different guns. Large guns, because they were very loud," neighbor John Mendoza said. "I don't think I'll ever get that sight out of my head, but 19 years old. That's a short life."

Besides witness testimony, officers said there was a fair amount of physical evidence left at the scene as well. They found numerous shell casings right away that are also being investigated.

Even though police have strong leads and know they are looking for a shooter and a group of people that fled the scene, they need your help identifying those people. If you live near the area or saw anything last night, call the Corpus Christi Police Department immediately as they are hoping to make a swift arrest.

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