If you've looked out on Corpus Christi Bay this week, you may have seen a couple of hundred sail boats taking part in the U.S. Youth Sailing Championships.

About 175 of America's top sailors, all under the age of 20, are competing in this four day competition that began Sunday and ends on Wednesday. This is the second time since 2013 that the city has hosted the event.

Paulette Kluge, Convention and Visitors Bureau CEO, says the 175 sailors and their families inject a lot of money into local attractions, hotels and restaurants.

"I think it's about a $150,000. We usually have more local and regional sort of championships so it's bigger this year and next year is going to be bigger, because we're going to have the world championships in Corpus Christi, Texas next July," says Kluge.

This youth championship is part of the pathway for ambitious athletes who hope to earn a place on the U.S. Sailing Team for the World Championships, and ultimately the Olympic Games.