City Council approved Tuesday a list of 2018 Bond projects that will be spread out amongst three propositions.

Residents wanted the city streets repaired and you can see that work going on all around town. Over the past several years, a number of bonds were passed by voters to pay to get that job done. Now, City Council has approved three new propositions for a 2018 bond to get more major streets reconstructed.

The first bond proposal is for $52 million and includes road work on Everhart, Staples and a number of reconstruction projects in District 1 like Leopard Street.

The other two bond proposals are $22 million a piece and would call for tax hikes. Proposition 2 is also more street work that includes Everhart and Alameda. Propostion 3 focuses on Public Safety and Facility upgrades.

We are told that most of the current bond projects will be completed by the time voters will have to decide next fall on the three propositions, two of which would keep more of this work going for years.